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The French will Never forget

The French Will Never Forget, Inc.
The Association « The French Will Never Forget » (TFWNF) was created in 2003, in reaction to the anti-French sentiments, which prevailed in a portion of the American population, following the diverging analysis of France on the situation in Iraq, and her ensuing refusal to commit troops to operation « Iraqi Freedom ».

A standard cliché regularly returning in several American media, and hammered by various pundits and political figures was that France did not remember what the United States had done for her during the First and the Second World War, and was just ungrateful.

Committed to fight this perversion of the truth and to heal, as much as possible, the French American friendship, four friends: Paul Bensabat, Jean?Pierre Heim, Christian Millet and Patrick du Tertre decided to launch series of actions demonstrating the gratitude of the French people towards their oldest ally for its decisive help in the past century.

The first event was cast for July 4 2003: « The French Will Never Forget » took the initiative to lay a red rose on each and every one of the 60,511 graves, spread out in 11 cemeteries of US soldiers fallen in France during the two World Wars. July 4 was chosen because it is the most emblematic of all US commemorations and because it celebrates this American independence of which France was the key contributor. « The French Will Never Forget » was able to single handedly raise all the funds necessary for an operation of such a scale, to flawlessly organize all the logistics, to secure all necessary authorizations including from the American authorities, and to assemble the hundreds of volunteers, men, women, and children, who flowered the graves throughout France. This event was extensively broadcast on more than 125 television stations in the USA with commentators frequently expressing their surprise, emotion and gratitude.

The following year, in 2004, TFWNF was one of the primary fundraiser for another large event. This time 100 WW II veterans were invited to Normandy, France WHERE they were awarded the prestigious Légion d?Honneur by the President of the French Republic.

In 2005 « The French Will Never Forget » organized and financed, this time single handily, the travel and lodging in first class accommodations of the American WW II veterans who were involved in liberating the Eiffel Tower. Two of them were awarded the Légion d?Honneur by the French Defense Minister.

In 2006, TFWNF participated to the organization and financing of Légion d?Honneur award ceremonies in honor of WW II veterans, this time in the USA.

En 2007 « The French Will Never Forget » organized another massive event on the 4th of July. This time a human chain of 2500 French volunteers assembled in a formation, and by the placement of their bodies, spelled out the words « FRANCE WILL NEVER FORGET» on the sands of Omaha Beach. The media success of this initiative became evident when the video posted on YOUTUBE and multiple social media sites on the WEB, generated tens of thousands of blogs with positive connotations about France and often in very moving terms.

In 2008 « The French Will Never Forget » continued to contribute and participate to Légion d?Honneur award ceremonies in the USA, and also organized several screenings of the film ?Omaha Beach 2007? depicting the previous year?s event. The presentations were most often made to US patriotic organizations, or veterans associations, and free copies of the DVD were distributed to each participant. These screenings generated very strong, emotional reactions from the audience members, often resulting in lengthy and sustained standing ovations. It was clear by then, that these Americans representing a sampling of the US population which was often previously quite critical and bitter about France, had begun to demonstrate a change in heart about the French.
In 2009 « The French Will Never Forget », working together with the « Normandie Mémoire » Association made a special gift to the Museum of the Second World War in New Orleans. This gift was a functional and exact reproduction (except for the crack) of America?s famous Liberty Bell located in Philadelphia. This bell cast in France is to sing the song of recaptured freedom in this museum dedicated for a large part to the history of France?s liberation.

In 2010 the actions of « The French Will Never Forget » were similar to 2008. In parallel 2010 was also the release year of the excellent documentary « French Fries & Freedom Toast » from Director /Producer Michael Jordan. Entirely sponsored by « The French Will Never Forget » this documentary is as unavoidable as fascinating for anyone somewhat interested in the Franco American relationship. More information at:

In 2011, « The French Will Never Forget » focused on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11; and organized in Paris the largest commemoration held outside of the United States. A scaled replica of the twin tower was erected on the Human Rights Plaza. On the left tower were the names of the 2977 victims of the attack, on the right tower as many messages of sympathy and support to America from French people around the world. The Eiffel Tower could be seen in perspective in the middle of the two towers, clearly associating the French to the pain and the sorrow of their oldest ally. Commemorations, presentations, testimonies, tributes and speeches from the highest representatives of the French Republic, alternated with various emotional and dignified musical or visual interludes. The ceremony started early afternoon and ended with the 150 strong Paris National Orchestra performing the Requiem from Mozart. Emotions were evident amongst the thousands in attendance and a full moon concluded the day by setting right on top of the Eiffel Tower at 10:00pm.
February 16, 2014



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